Hologram / Activation

The goal is defined. The path lies before you. You have had the time and the opportunity to finally do what you always wanted to do and nothing or no one can stop you. Or can they?

All the ingredients are ready and even so you do not make a break through. You were so sure of yourself. Everything was clear. That the whole thing starts to falter, it cannot be because of you. It’s the people all around you who are disturbing you. You have had enough of all the gossip, stories and criticism. The unexpected phone calls and visits, the noise from the neighbors, the programmes on the television. It all distracts you from your true purpose.

Ask yourself the question; is it really so? Or do you allow yourself to be distracted? Are you completely focused on what you want to achieve or do you allow yourself to be influenced by your surroundings? Don’t make it so difficult for yourself, set your doubts to one side and pick up the thread again. Distractions and excuses will not help you any further; focus does.

The frequency of Focus helps you to keep focused on your goal and to resist distractions.

I am focused on what makes me happy.

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